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My name is Sebastián. I was born in California, grew up in Mexico, and have called Germany “home” since 2009.

I started traveling when I was 19 and have been living abroad on my own since 2004. After all these years, my interest in the world has only grown—and continues to do so with every new country or even city I visit. Hence the name of the blog: I’m torn between that which I’ve left behind and what’s ahead of me. I live between distances.

I am passionate about Eastern Europe, and hold a Bachelor’s degree in History and Slavic languages as well as a Master’s degree in Eastern European History from the University of Heidelberg. Other interests of mine include literature, soccer, good food, and Death Metal—all of which will feature in my articles from time to time.

My travels “plans” are usually improvised, but that only adds to the adventure. I travel rough and am both a master at getting into sticky situations as well as getting out of them! I am all about hitchhiking, interacting with locals over a beer or ten, and exploring as much as I can—and do everything with child-like enthusiasm.

Between Distances is a blog with a Punk DIY ethos. No risk, no fun. Glad you’re part of the adventure! Please do support me by following Between Distances on Facebook and Instagram!

Cheers, Seb

“En aquél tiempo yo tenía veinte años y estaba loco. Había perdido un país pero había ganado un sueño. Y si tenía ése sueño lo demás no importaba.”

― Roberto Bolaño

At work at the Seminar for Eastern European History of the University of Heidelberg, in Germany.

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