I recently came across The Yala Families on Instagram, and it didn’t take long before the site won me over with their beautifully written biographies of travelers—which are not only inspirational and positive but fun and very pleasant to read.
Very often I come across articles that are both poorly written and devoid of content, and that’s why I found the features on The Yala Families so refreshing: They have not only developed their own style, but also give a well-written text the value it deserves. Plus, every entry has a positive message.

Now, I am very happy to announce that I was recently featured on their page. Check out their Facebook and Instagram profiles to discover a lot of excellent blogs and brighten up your day.

Read the full feature below and show the Familia some love:


Life is like a book; Those who do not travel, tend to only read one page.

US born, Mexican raised and German educated Seb @betweendistances takes this saying to heart, using his time to read as much as he can, both literally and figuratively.

With a Masters degree in History, Seb is passionate about exploring parts of the planet he’s learned so much about. In particular, Eastern Europe.

His in-depth knowledge paired with his incredible ability to fluently converse in English, Spanish, German, Russian and Portuguese enables Seb to travel on a whole new level.

Like wearing a magic pair of glasses, he looks at cities with different eyes; his knowledge for its history paired with his ability to freely speak with locals in their native language has him breaking so many barriers that holds the average traveller back from truly experiencing a new place.

What we can all learn from Seb is that we have the ability to delve deeper in the moment by learning what the moment is about.

No longer would you walk the streets somewhat oblivious to its significance. As you enjoy a beer at the local pub, you’re able to listen in on the native beer banter, soaking up the micro-cultures of your environment.

Whether it’s The Lonely Planet, Wikitravel or in-depth research, you should treat knowledge as a key to unlocking the true experience of travel.

In the next journey you take, take time like @betweendistances to discover its history and in turn, make the present all the more rewarding.
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