Between Distances on The Broke Backpacker (plus some updates)!

Hello there!

First off, sorry for the radio silence of the last weeks.
Life has been keeping me both busy and entertained. If you follow me on Facebook and/or Instagram you probably already know that I’ve been out of town a lot, and that I listened to some sick Death Metal bands last week at Party.San Open Air—where I also celebrated my 32nd birthday! I’m also in the middle of the tedious and stressful process of renewing my visa. And since I’m against the idea of publishing content just for the fuck of it, this space has been silent for a while now. Nevertheless, that doesn’t mean there’s no new content written by yours truly out there!


I’m proud to announce that I just had my second guest post published on The Broke Backpacker! If you don’t know my man Will Hatton yet you ought to head over to his site and click around it. The guy is super legit, and is currently on a trip from London to Papua New Guinea over land. Great content, great pictures, lots of inspiration, and incredible destinations. Will’s a true fearless traveler. And he posted an article written by me on why there’s no better place to hitchhike than Central and Eastern Europe (with a focus on the Balkans!). You can read it by following this link right here.

Check it out, show my man Will some love, and keep an eye out for my upcoming articles on Szczecin and Party.San Open Air!



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